An Open Letter To My Ex-Boyfriend

Dear ex-boyfriend,

I am not here to re-open old wounds, yell at you again for the way you treated me or to call you an idiot once again. Instead, I am here to say a little thank you and to compare my life from when I was with you, to now.

So I’d first like to start out with saying thank you. Thank you for being my first boyfriend. Thank you for teaching me what I don’t want in a relationship and for what I want in a relationship. You texted me every morning and never went a day without calling me beautiful. You never failed to make my day and even though you did not have much social media at the time, you still took time out of your day to post about me on your Snapchat.

But not all you did for me was good. You broke my heart. You made me feel like I wasn’t worth it and you made me feel like our relationship failing was my fault. When in fact, it was not. You took my heart out and completely stepped on it with your lies and conniving personality. I do not thank you for making me disrespect my family because I felt like I need to get back to you. I do not thank you for (almost) making me turn against my best friend because of your immature lie. Most of all, I do not thank you for leaving our relationship the way you did. You told me since I was your first boyfriend that I did not know how to “react to situations like this” and that I “did not have much experience [with heartbreak.”

It took me months for me to get over our silly one-month relationship. Not because it was my first relationship, but because I thought you had actually cared for me. You told me that you loved me, but I realized that if you did “love me” you would not have left me the way you did. You would not have ended our relationship over the phone/text and you would have no dated the next girl so quickly. If you had really “loved me,” you would have stayed with me when things got hard, not leave.

But, as I stated in the beginning, I am not here to express my discontent with you or our past relationship. After our break up, I have found someone else who loves me and all of my quirks. So I wish you luck with all of your new relationships and that you one day find happiness. But please, do not do to them what you did to me.




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